Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wherein Bush thinks up a new slogan for Haiti

The latest email from the Biden campaign quotes a JoAnna Graller of Davenport, Iowa, who used to support Edwards but changed her mind because of the $400 haircut. Yes, clearly a sign of vanity and self-indulgence unlike, say, hair plugs (or running for president). Biden said that when he becomes president, “It will be my chance to make hope and history rhyme.” Also vanilla.

And yes I know it’s a Seamus Heaney quote although I don’t believe Biden attributed it to him. Funny, that.

Bush met today with Haiti’s “elected” “president,” Rene Preval.

It was that most rare of events, where Bush was the most honest person in the room. Preval said about Haiti, “Peace has been restored, and the conditions for investment are here. Haiti is awaiting American investors.” Bush, reaching a little to find the sunny side, said about Haiti, “The security situation is improving somewhat”.

I got through that paragraph without a single voodoo joke.

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