Thursday, May 10, 2007

We’ve seen the extent that the enemy’s willing to go to

The Haditha hearing continues. Today Lt. Adam Mathis, the executive officer of Kilo Company, said that he and other officers didn’t consider the deaths of 24 civilians worth investigating (even after Kilo Comp’s first cover-up story, that 15 of them were killed by an IED, fell apart, a detail I’m repeating because the newspapers haven’t been mentioning it) because “the point of view was, we’ve seen the extent that the enemy’s willing to go to. The events of Nov. 19 was a demonstration of how cheap they considered human lives, that they would conduct attacks from a populated area.” Er, you all shrugged your shoulders when you heard that 24 civilians had been massacred, including children, and it’s because the other side considers human lives cheap?

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