Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have been here ever since I’ve been the president

From the London Times, a headline that may or may not have been an intentional joke: “Children Who Miss Numeracy Targets to Get One-on-One Help.”

Mitt Romney received a draft deferment so that he could be a Mormon missionary in France rather than a soldier in Vietnam.

Today George Bush attended the annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. He said, “We thank them for their lives of service and we pray to an Almighty God that He bring comfort to you during this time of sorrow.” The time of sorrow speech lasted seven minutes. But even to George, it seemed much longer: “I have been here ever since I’ve been the president, in an event like this, and it’s fitting because this is a really important day for our country.”

That rarest of White House photographs in which Chimpy is not the smuggest-looking person in the shot:

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