Thursday, May 31, 2007

We are determined to benchmarks

Bush and Iraqi President Talabani met this afternoon, and exchanged remarks in their common language, broken English.

Talabani agreed with everything Bush said, including that the main problem in Iraq is Al Qaida. Also, those benchmark things. Bush: “I told the President that I’m fully committed to helping the Iraqi government achieve important objectives, we call them benchmarks”. Talabani: “we are determined to benchmarks”.

You’d talk funny too if these guys were watching you while you spoke.

This morning, Bush spoke to the United States Global Leadership Council, whatever that might be, about helping the poor people of the world by bringing them into the joys of globalized capitalism. “If you’re interested in helping the poor people, you ought to be for trade and opening up markets for their goods and services.” He gave as an example of such a success story a Malagasy village which used to make charcoal out of firewood, presumably for the heating and cooking needs of other poor villagers, but is now selling something the world economy values so much more, “a natural oil used in skin care products.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “We’re focusing increased American assistance for developing nations on three key goals -- in other words, we have some goals, we’re not just going to spend money.

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