Saturday, May 05, 2007

I’m Harry

Tony Blair decided that Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq with his unit. The military decided not to decide, saying the decision was a political one. Obviously if it had been decided on military considerations, he wouldn’t have gone, since a lot of soldiers will spend all their time protecting him from kidnappers. Anyway, soldiers are now arriving in Iraq with t-shirts saying “I’m Harry” to show their solidarity, inspired by the movie “Spartacus.” Because Prince Harry is just like the leader of a defeated slave rebellion.

If Jenna ever joined up, would our soldiers have to wear “I’m Jenna” t-shirts?

And would they have to lift them to expose their chests in exchange for beads?

The London Sunday Times obit of Bobby Pickett says that the song “Monster Mash” was originally banned in Britain as “too morbid.”

An email from the McCain campaign provides more “fun facts about John McCain”:
In June 1999, on a campaign stop in rural New Hampshire, McCain played the fiddle for more than 3,000 residents...

John McCain boxed at Annapolis and is a lifetime boxing fan...
Something rather horrible has happened to the London Review of Books personals section: it has been taken over by genuine personal ads. Art historians and self-described fabulous Finnish blondes and Titian beauties looking for romance. That is just so wrong (although less pathetic, obviously, than the fun facts about John McCain). Here are a few from the good old days earlier this year, which I was saving up for a longer collection. (I can, however, recommend the hardback compliation “They Call Me Naughty Lola,” somewhat over-priced at $10.88 for 160 pages, but a lot of fun, and with informative footnotes).
It’s taken me all year to summon the courage to place this ad. M 34. Affectionate coward. Box no. 03/02

You, F. 40s, cannot accept a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which does not exist. Me, M. 40s, will be fond of your intolerance.

Man, 42. WLTM woman to 50 to help harness the disappointment I routinely create in all my relationships. Own tap shoes an advantage. Box no. 03/05

They say silence is golden. Well meaning man, 34, WLTM patient girl who doesn’t handle congenital lack of male foresight with carat after carat of disquieting quiet. Box no. 06/06

Woman, 36, WLTM man to 40 who doesn’t try to high-five her after sex. You know who you are. Box no. 02/08

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