Friday, May 04, 2007

I didn’t lecture him. He didn’t lecture me.

At the conference on Iraq in Egypt, Condi refused to let herself be photographed with the Syrian foreign minister, who no doubt wasn’t too thrilled to be seen with her either. She said of the meeting, “I didn’t lecture him. He didn’t lecture me.” Boy, there’s never a chalkboard and a pointer around when you need one, is there?

She was supposed to be seated at dinner opposite the Iranian foreign minister, but he skipped the dinner after his eyes were affronted by the sight of a female violinist (Larissa Abramova, a Ukrainian) not in Islamic dress. Here’s the slut in question.

Condi replied to demands that the US end its occupation of Iraq by citing “the facts on the ground” and suggested that “this was an opportunity for people, rather than thinking about what others should do, to think about what they should do.”

Asked about whether the Iraqi government can dismantle the militias, she said, “It is a process and it is a process that’s taking place in a particular political context and it has to be an Iraqi process”.

She generously said that “we have no problem and no tension with -- from our point of view with the Iranian people.” Indeed, “Iran is a great culture. ... We will continue to work to reach out to the Iranian people. We have had the Iranian wrestling team -- the American wrestling team in Iran. ... We’re going to continue those efforts.” Best two falls out of three?

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